Second Sunday of Lent

This Weeks Readings: Genesis 15.5-12 Psalm 27; Philippians 3.17-4.1; Luke 9.28b-36.

As Abram looks up into the night sky and sees the radiant stars, God promises him that his descendants will be just as countless. This moves Abram to put his faith in the Lord. As Peter, John, and James look up to the mountaintop and see the transfigured Jesus radiating like a star, God makes a promise: "This is my chosen Son." The Father asks us to put our faith in Christ: "Listen to him." Let us fall silent in faith-filled adoration, gazing at Jesus alone. For the transfiguration that we witness is destined to transfigure us: "He will change our lowly body to conform with his glorifeied body.".

Next Week's Readings: Exodus3.1-8a, 13-15; Psalm 103; 1 Corinthians 10.1-6, 10-12; Luke 13.1-9.

1.       Looking at my daily life, what does surrendering everything to the Lord mean to me? In what ways do I hold back?

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A Lenten Message from our Pastor...

 As St. Patrick's seek to live out our mission to bring God's love into the world through a life-changing friendship with Jesus the season of Lent calls out to us.  Or, more accurately, God calls out to us and asks us to take this time and be more intentional about our spiritual lives. There are different approaches that one may take, whether it be fasting, almsgiving or prayer, but it is good to ask ourselves, "Why?"  read more »

Lenten Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Collins

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2019 Lenten and Holy Week Liturgical Schedule




Living the Gospel by helping young mothers

Anika became a mother at the age of 19. Soon after, her fiancé became increasingly controlling. Feeling isolated, she reached out to a ShareLife agency called Rose of Sharon. She and her son attended almost every program offered, including one called Healthy Relationships. Anika realized she didn’t have to tolerate her partner’s behavior. Rose of Sharon helped her find an affordable apartment so she and her son could move out. “I never thought I could make it on my own,” says Anika. “But with the help of Rose of Sharon, here I am doing it.”

March 31 is ShareLife Sunday.
Please give generously!


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St. Patrick’s Parish Prayer Group invites…

all to join the Prayer Group on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 for a healing service immediately following the 7:00 pm Mass.

"Come to me, all who are weak and heavily burdened and I will give you rest." - Matt.11:28


TOTUS TUUS Registration

March 23/24, 2019

Large Hall after all Masses



Food Bank Collection

March 23/24, 2019

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is holding a food bank collection on the weekend of March 23/24. You can help by bringing non-perishable food to the church on that weekend.



Bereavement Support Group at St. Patrick's

For Adults over the age of 18

Meetings will be held weekly on Mondays
March 25 to May 27, 2019




Made For More

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 7:00 - 9:30 pm
St. Barnabas Roman Catholic Church

An evening of visual beauty, live music, and reflection that will open your senses to the secret of God revealed in all of cration.

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Knights's News

In the Spring, the Knights of Columbus will be arranging for buses for the March for Life. The planning has begun. If you wish to help, let us know via the parish office. 



New Beginnings

A minstry dedicated to assisting those who have suffered a loss through separation, divorce or death of a loved one.