First Sunday of Advent

This Weeks Readings: Jeremiah 33.14-16; Psalm 25; 1 Thessalonians 3.12-4.2; Luke 21.25-28, 34-36.

Looking forward to promises to be fulfilled, we watch and wait in hope. We live in a world where justice and righteousness are fragile. Let us look for the signs that the Lord is near while already in our midst. Let us not be unduly distracted by the worries of this life but place our total trust in the One who redeems us.

Next Week's Readings: Baruch 5.1-9; Psalm 126; Philippians 1.3-6, 8-11; Luke 3.1-6.

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An Advent Message from Our Pastor...

In North America, waiting is not something we often do well.  Much of our technology is designed to speed things up – to get us somewhere quicker, to bring us results quicker, to communicate with somebody more immediately.  Waiting can be tough.  Recently our parish had an experience of waiting.  It started back in August when we began the roof repairs.  Many people have been waiting since that time for the roof repairs to be complete so that the morning mass can go back to its original time of 8:30am.  Do you believe me if I say the end is in sight?  Waiting can really try our patience, perhaps even our faith.

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Media Release: Pope Francis Appoints Toronto Priest, Rev. Hector Vila as Bishop of Whitehorse


Project Hope: Refugee Resettlement

A warm thank you to all those who signed up to donate gently used household and furniture items. The outpouring of generosity from the St. Patrick's Community is overwhelming! For those who have not already signed up to volunteer with Project Hope, we are still seeking people who speak Arabic to assist with translation, and families with boys ages 8-12 years and/or toddlers for friendship and to share family activities with our newcomers, such as introducing them to the community centre or library.

If you are interested in assisting with any of these aspects of the project, please email Dawn at

Once again, thank you for your continued support!

Project Hope - St. Patrick's Parish Update - November 4, 2015

Poinsettia's Sale

The Knights of Columbus is hosting a fundraiser by selling poinsetia's in various sizes in the Large Hall after all masses on December 5 & 6, 2015.

Please come out to support the Knights in their effort.

Daily Mass Time (Monday through Saturday)

Your prayers have finally been aswered!!!

Effective Monday, December 14, 2015, the daily Mass time will change from 7:00 am back to 8:30 am.

Confessions that occur after the Saturday morning Mass will also revert back to 9:00 am.

Thank you for your patience and prayers over the last several months.

Fr. Dominic & Pastoral Office Team