Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Weeks Readings: Genesis 18.1-10a; Psalm 15; Colossians 1.24-28; Luke 10.38-42.

"There is need of only one thing." The psalm tells us what it is: living in the presence of the Lord. Abraham begs for this presence: "Sir, please do not go on past your servant." With Jesus in her home, Martha is "anxious and worried" because she fails to see the "one thing" that all of her busyness is ordered to: hosting Jesus and enabling her guests to converse with and adore the Lord. Saint Paul attests that God's stewardship is given to him "to bring to completion for you the word of God." God chooses "to make known the riches of the glory of this mystery" to those who choose him and find in him the source of their contemplation and activity. (Magnificat - July 2019)  read more »

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Message from our Pastor

Message from our Pastor...

“Follow me!”  These words of Jesus form the core of the Gospel message for this Sunday.  It is an invitation that Jesus extends to each of us if we claim a friendship with him.  There is a cost to this invitation.  It will necessitate us undergoing changes in our lives.  What is even more gripping is that Jesus extends this invitation as he sets his face to go to Jerusalem.  Jesus is journeying toward his passion and death.  He is journeying into the heart of all that ails humanity so that we might be saved. 

The words “set his face” clearly demonstrate that Jesus is very intentional, very aware of what he is undertaking.   He is going to Jerusalem into the arena of suffering, of offering the ultimate sacrifice of his life so that we might live.  That’s love, true love. Wow!  There is nothing accidental or haphazard about Jesus’ life.  It is very much a life of mission, of carrying out the specific task given to him by his heavenly Father.   Jesus invitation to follow him is an invitation to accompany him on his mission.  Our parish joins his mission by stating that we exist “to bring God’s love into the world through a life-changing friendship with Jesus.”  If we truly take up this mission then we will not perish.  No, instead we will parish!  We will become a vibrant, loving community who live for God and others.   read more »

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